Can I upload 0 seconds animation?

I want save only arms but I cant Save to Roblox

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I’ve done this before. You have to make a 1-second animation with no-minimal position changes. It looks like the character is stationary.


I want only set arms oritation,So I thought I could do something like this
So what can I do other than that?

Yes but if you want to make a 0-secounds animation, its a statue (no animation) so if you animate, you could export your selection (the character) and save it.
after that you go to a mesh part (In the workspace if you insert it) and upload it from there and done!

Note: Only if you want a statue so having it into your game

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I will use these arms on the player

I just want only arms to stay like this (look up for picture)

What ? I dont understand
My English is bad

You can’t do that. Instead maek it a bit more long up to 1 second or more of your preference.

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