Can I upload games with free models in them?

So I was wondering, if I use a free model in my game, am I allowed to publish it, or can I not? Also, is there any website that allows me to input phrases, sounds, and maybe meshes, that will detect whether it’s copyrighted or not?


You can use free models in your game without getting warned for copyright.

Beware the virus scripts that can appear in free models, though.


Yes. Every free model you put in your game is allowed to be used/published.

Uhhh, I would just google it. Like reverse image search.

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Uh yes, the toolbox is to be used for games, not for playing with them and not using them. All creators are aware of that.

Thank you! Usually when I want to use a free model, I put it in a blank baseplate and see if there are any scripts hiding anywhere…

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You can, probably not the best idea though because of potential serversides.

What do you mean by that, and how would I check free models for those things?

If it’s in the toolbox, you can use it without giving credit. The only way you could get in trouble is if the model contains like a character/logo that is copyrighted.

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They could be under a lot of names, but usually they are under stuff like genfenv, or require(somerandomstring)

Really depends what model it is, it could be a mesh from a different game. For that you have to be vigilant for.

Yes but make sure that the model isn’t inappropriate like for example a rthro bundle that isn’t wearing clothes aren’t allowed and the rthro bundle that is wearing clothes is appropriate.

Wouldn’t that be in a script though?

Of course you can publish with free models!

Free models fall under Public Domain, meaning you don’t have to ask them to use it!
However, if they do ask for credit (that almost never happens in Roblox), just put some credit there.

The models can have scripts inside them, and they could be hidden.

isn’t it impossible to ‘hide’ scripts though? Just by searching in the explorer ‘script’ I can find all the scripts in a model…

Not necessarily impossible, but they can make it more difficult to find.

You can find hidden scripts by using “classname:script” in the search bar.

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