Can I upload UGC on the catalog and if not, how do I do it/how do I apply for it?

I would like to be able to upload UGC (mostly related to my game) and when I check the Creator Dashbord, I’m met with a weird pop-up that implies that I need “Premium”.

I’m wondering, how does the UGC program work as of today? Do I simply need Premium to upload assets or do I have to apply to the UGC program manually like it used to work and wait for an answer?

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If you mean uploading a ugc into the marketplace



Hi, the UGC program is indeed now open to everyone with a which has met the 2 requirements:

  • Premium 1000 or Premium 2200
  • Verified ID attached to their account

You can read more about it here:


Thanks! I will be checking this out.

Sorry for the wait.

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