Can i use made up links for my game?

Title does an awful job at explaining but i had to be brief, what i’m trying to do is add some “in-universe” elements to a thing in my game, in this case, the fictional area’s own unique website URL extension (like .jp, .cl, etc…).

My problem is that i’m not sure if i’d be able to do stuff like this without roblox moderation taking my stuff down for “off-platform links” even when the links are completely made up, since this has happened to me already with made up .com links that lead to nothing at all.

I’d be using stuff like this in images as well as text signs, if that helps at all

thanks in advance!


You’re not allowed to include off-site links in game, if they direct to something or not.

I’d try to have a domain that is the Roblox website, like “[GAME WEBSITE NAME HERE]/[SUB PAGE]

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As already mentioned, you cannot use any off-platform links (with a few exceptions).

The best alternative I could suggest for your case would be as it will redirect to automatically no matter the subdomain, I’ve used this in multiple games and haven’t received any moderation action.

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