Can I use Minecraft music if I give credit?

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I am developing a new advanced highly-graphical roleplay game for the Roblox community. I have been working hard for the past year on this difficult project.

The power of music is strong, and I’m sure you all know it has the power to improve your mood. I play Minecraft, and I just love the music (more specifically, the music from the recent 1.18 update) and I really want to use it in my game.

You see, Minecraft music is different and unique from other soundtracks. It has this proper fit into each biome and it improves your mood.

So my question is, can I add Minecraft music as long as I provide credit to Mojang/Microsoft? and if so, how can I do it without violating audio copyright?

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From Mojang’s site:

You are allowed to have the music from Mojang Studios games playing within a monetized video showing the gameplay of Mojang Studios games. The usage of that music outside of normal gameplay may be restricted (see below). Here are the artists’ policies on the use of their music:
Minecraft music - C418’s music policy

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Hmm … the thing is, all music from the latest Minecraft update are not made by C418. The music I’m looking for is licensed under Microsoft Studio Music.

Then look for the licensing agreement for that music. It is pretty easy to do if you know how to open up