Can I use other software to create meshes?

I’m unsure if this thread should be in this category, but if not, please correct me!

Hello! I’m wondering if I can use an iPad to create meshes? I’m planning to buy the new Ipad pro to use specifically when I’m on vacation and on other occasions.

I’ve found an application called Sharpr3d which supports obj. files and am now wondering if there is anyone with it to say if it works or if-else recommend other good iPad software for 3D modeling.

I can obviously not try this out as I haven’t ordered it yet. But help is appreciated!

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Hi Piechos,

Yes, Shapr3D works well! I used it, but long time ago.

I recommend watching some YT videos on how the software works… whether it fulfills your requirements or not. (I mean, whether it fulfills your Roblox modelling requirements…)

G’Day Dev!

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