Can I use PolicyService to allow only 13+ players to pay my game

So you’re having users purchase real-world items with Robux and using Discord to deliver product codes and such?

Isn’t that against the ToS to sell things in-game for real life money?


No, there purchasing models/scripts etc for Roblox. Like CheckMeIn and most Roblox technology groups.

It’s purchased through Robux, no other form of payment.

There’s already a marketplace for this if I’m not mistaken. Paid packages.


Still once a user has bought a product they can just copy/download it and release it. This is where the whitelist system comes into play, it essentially renders the product useless without a whitelist.

There’s no way to allow someone to use a model in Roblox without preventing them from reselling/distributing it.

Even if you have 50 layers of whitelists, once they get into Studio they can grab it and then it’s out of your hands and there’s nothing you can do.

You’re just making the process of acquiring said models more inconvenient and you’re also limiting the users that can actually do that.

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If you had a paid checkin system (like CheckMeIn) and the code is obfuscated with a whitelist too, they can’t do anything with the product as they have no way to get the original code back to “remove” the whitelist.

Cool - you’re basically adding backdoors to the models you sold to people who paid for them.

I would definitely buy from someone who does that.

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How exactly is adding a whitelist to a product adding a backdoor? If all obfuscated code was a backdoor why are industries such as RoAviation still thriving, nearly all products there are whitelisted, how else do the developers of the products earn money?

Not everyone wants to make a game.

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The posts here are kinda skewing off topic here. Let’s stick to the original question:

Is it agains the Roblox ToS and/or Privacy Policy to use PolicyService->AllowedLinkReferences to determine if a user is <13?

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I don’t trust obfuscated code. Granted, that opinion is left over from an exploiting background where nothing can be trusted unless you have source code.

No, I don’t think so. Is it against ToS to kick all <13 players from your game? Probably not, but the user experience must be pretty bad for them. Is it against ToS to have a game that requires Discord? Well, maybe. Discord is banned for anyone under 13 and Roblox only approves of Discord references in their designated spots. Group pages, etc.

I’d wait for someone else to add their input as well.


Im not so sure you’re allowed to have any discord links in your game. My game went under review one time and it was because we had a discord link in it


Don’t mention Discord.

Even if the user is 13+.

Collecting Discord tags may be classified as recording personally identifiable information, and that’s a big no-no too.


I would not rely on this. Just about every obfuscation method can be reversed. Anything not deobfuscated can be sandboxed.

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In Airline games people can lock the server which means than people than try to join will be kicked. so technically is not a problem

Just say something along the lines of “You need to be 13+ to play this game. Sorry but this is for Roblox ToS.”

It might save you from getting massively disliked.

I hate to be the necroposter, but doesn’t Roblox allow users to link a Discord server above the group wall (you can do the same thing with YouTube channel links and Twitter profile links)? Those links appear as boxes that you can click on.

Yes, but I’m pretty sure that they are only shown to 13+ users. I wouldn’t recommend mentioning Discord in any other way.

Oh, okay. I didn’t know that. Thank you for telling me!