Can i use PolicyService to show links ingame

Cool but in the past this rule did not exist. It was added recently and is now allowed.

That’s so dumb… if the player is 13+ older why won’t I add discord stuff for them?


It’s against the rules make a request to Roblox if you think the rules should change.

Where did you find the rule, please link it here.

But they literally changed the rules recently to allow Discord and other links in-game??
If you don’t trust me then go to, press Ctrl + F and search for “Policy APIs”

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It’s literally a post from November 2017… it’s outdated by now, you shouldn’t trust outdated sources.

Sure there are websites with TOSS that haven’t been updated since they were set up, do you not trust them?

Yeah like @RealExoctic said its outdated and someone from Staff/Editors here on forum even said that while ago.

…are you saying you don’t trust the official roblox community rules on roblox’s official help center, and instead trust a outdated post from 2017?

They would have edited the post if so…

Well found it, there was discussion about it week ago.

Thing is, it’s locked and is hidden deep deep deep by now.

That’s for links on the DevForum

Yes, you can now use PolicyService to show links in game to the correct users. The user in the topic where you quoted my post linked the 3+ year old announcement which was clarifying that Discord links were banned, it wasn’t until later that they added Discord as a social link option. But in-game Discord references were still banned.


Thank you for clarification :wink:

Yes you are allowed to use them but only as social links.

Then why does the damn Policy APIs rule exist?? You really should stop refusing to believe that you can’t use PolicyService to disable Discord links if needed.

You can’t use PolicyService on the website, it’s part of the engine

It returns Discord because it is the same api as social links on the website.