Can I use Quixel Megascan assets in my game?

Hello I saw another post for this topic but it only really mentions RE selling the assets, I’d only like to use them in my game. Would this be allowed?

  • Yes
  • No

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In 2021:

The current terms of Roblox are not compatible with Quixel Megascans and therefore use of assets in Roblox is not allowed.

In 2022:

I found out on Google that all users are prohibited from using Quixel assets on Roblox even if you have a license.

Pretty much in the name of the link :man_shrugging:
(its meant for Unreal engine only I believe)

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You still can, just don’t get caught LOL


Hello would this mean I’d be able to use the assets in an unreal render but then use that picture in roblox? For example a game icon?