Can I use random letters and numbers?

I made a system that gives a license plate when summoning a vehicle. However, I wonder if it will violate Roblox rules because it uses random letters and numbers without filtering.

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This article says that randomly generated words need to be filtered, so I’d assume it would probably apply to numbers as well. Not 100% sure on this, though.


Why don’t you randomly generate 100 or so and then manually review them and store them in a table?

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Just run FilterStringAsync and if it’s censored, just make another plate.


What censored numbers are there?
Why use letters at all>?
In like real number plates, the letters arent random they represent the country and the year of production, only the numbers need to be randomized. the letters want to be picked from a list of country codes?


It is a license plate in Korea, and the purpose is different depending on the number plate letter. The color of the license plate also has a meaning.

well under no circumstance will you need to filter korean numberplates, cos the words arent random at all…They will be chosen from a list depending on the type of vehicle…
first you have a designation number - this can only - 01-99 so no need to filter…

  • 01-69: [passenger cars]
  • 70-79: [vans]
  • 80-97: "[freight]
  • 98-99: “specialized vehicles”

then theres the words- this will be once again chosen from a list based on the type of vehicle- so no need to filter…

  • [Diplomat] (외교)
  • [Construction] (상품)
  • National “country” (국)
  • South Korean military: “army” (육)

Then all you need is 4 random numbers… you will generate these randomly but theres no chance of acidentally making somthing filter worthy here…So it is impossible for you to create anything obscene by random chance…

You def dont need to filter the colours either:

Private cars, government cars - green with white; or white with black (some cities)
Taxis, cars for hire - yellow with blue
Construction vehicles - orange/red with white
Diplomat's cars - blue with white

Amazing, thank you for organizing it so well. @PotatoVampire7797

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