Can I use real time in lua?

Hello there,
I need help with coding a real time Day/Night script using GMT time (UTC+10, I think)

What’s the problem?
I need Lua to find the UK time (GMT/UTC+10) and then to match it in the Day/Night script.

What I have tried:
I have tried tick(), that gets the user time, which I don’t really want.
could I do it? How would I approach it?
I have also looked here, for other posts.

look into this: os

Ok, thanks. I’ll look into it. I am using this for a train game based in the UK, and I think having proper time would suit the game, considering the routes are long, and my aimed player base seem to always stick around for a few hours or so.

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Use this, very easy:"%X", os.time() + 36000)

Then use a function like this

    while wait(1) do
       game:GetService("Lighting").TimeOfDay ="%X", os.time() + 36000)