Can I use ROBLOX Music for Trailers?

Is the music that Roblox provides royalty-free for games also allowed to be used for game trailers/Roblox video thumbnails since they’re uploaded to youtube?


I know some Roblox Youtubers have been Copyright striked for playing Roblox games with APM music playing. It is only licensed for use on the roblox platform.

You should be fine if you made the video Unlisted and only used for a video thumbnail.

No, you may not use the music for anything other than in-game use.

Making a clip of your game while the music is playing in the background as a game element = fine.

Making a trailer, then downloading one of the APM tracks, and playing that over the video = not fine, you do not have a license to do this. You only are given a license to use up to 250 tracks in Roblox games.

(Trying to skirt the rules by matching music in-engine to fit the video trailer is also not okay since that can be considered a license breach.)


This isn’t really an answer to your question about “royalty-free” music, but I am going to post this anyways if you choose to use copyrighted music over the APM music due to what the other posts said about the copyright on it. Anyways, below is a link where YouTubers can look up songs and check if the record company of the song allow them to be used in YouTube Videos:

Generally speaking, most copyrighted songs are allowed on YouTube, but then your video will get demonetized which I’m sure doesn’t affect you. Have fun selecting a song!