Can I use Roblox Studio for AP CS Digital Portfolio?

No damn joke here. Can I use Roblox Studio / LuaU for AP CS Digital Portfolio? I’m taking the curriculum and I am learning Javascript. However, the AP CS Student Handbook says that I would be able to submit a program code. It didn’t really state which specific language. All it said was to submit one PDF file (weird, but ok) that contains all of your program code including comments.

My guess is as long as I included user action events, meets the requirements, and all of the other codes in one heck of a script in Lua(u), then it’d be eligible for the Portfolio? I would want to use Lua instead of Javascript for comfort. Really would like a representative from Roblox to guide on this.


I actually did this for my portfolio like 6 years ago without any issues! My project was a simple solar energy simulation where a light charged during the day and turned on at night. You should run the specifics by your teacher, but I encourage you to pursue it.

I also recall using this Google Docs extension to achieve syntax highlighting in my PDF. Most external code editors will have such extensions as well.

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