Can I use ServerStorage instead of ReplicatedStorage?

Hi, I want to use ServerStorage instead of ReplicatedStorage because I think Replicated storage is visible to client side.

  1. Can I do it ?
  2. Can I use RemoteFunction inside ServerStorage ?
  3. is ReplicatedStorage visible for client-side ?
  1. Yes you can use it if the thing you’re trying to store doesn’t need to be visible on client.
  2. No because it wouldn’t replicate to client because it’s Server Storage used by only server.
  3. Yes because it’s designed to work like that but changes made on ReplicatedStorage on client-side doesn’t replicate to server.

I can use ServerStorage to store my RemoteFunction…
Then when player clicks on TextButton it will automatically :Clone() my RemoteFunction to ReplicatedStorage and InvokeServer() , right ?

You shouldn’t - the client can’t see the remote function if it is in Server Storage

No - that’s not how that works…

Essentially - put your remotes in Replicated Storage so both the client and server can see them and use them.


And how do you think client will use :InvokeServer() on remotefunction if it doesn’t even exist on their side in the first place?

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You’re starting to bring something off-topic. But, here are the answers:

  1. Technically not, since ServerStorage can’t be accessed by the client.
  2. (Basically question 1.)
  3. Yes! ReplicatedStorage is a storage available for both client and server to access.
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