Can I use the Star Program icon for a leaderboard rank?

First if there is any grammar mistakes my first language is French so don’t get mad at me…

So I honestly don’t know if this should go in this topic, but I will give it a try…
So the Star Program has a icon and it’s very difficult to find a Star icon which works on a leaderboard, so I need some help,
Am I allowed to use this Star Icon on my leaderboard? (For a certain rank)


I am not really sure. I mean I don’t think it is against the TOS but could it be classed as copy right? I don’t think so. Why are you finding it hard to find one that will work on a leader board. I might be able to help.

Nice! you can either post the link here, or you can chat with me on dizzy
? Who ?#7445

A Star Icon is way too general of an image, and it is not a registered logo. Yes, the icon is taken from the Star Program, but it is not something that can have your work taken down. It is pretty much a general star icon.

The general star icon is a very broadly used icon and does not have any details that a company made or registered. I am not an expert in this, but you shouldn’t have to worry much about this, it should be all good.

Thanks, I just wanted to know since Star Program is big, and my game might get taken down due to copyright.
Also does this mean I could use any ROBLOX icons? as in ROBLOX Intern Icon, Etc.

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I do not think so. The star program is a big program, but their icon is made up of just a general star image. It is not anything special that represents the company that is registered and copyrighted, so it should be safe.

The Intern Icon, though, contains the Roblox Logo, which IS copyrighted. Not sure if they would take down your work for that, though.

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