Can I use this company names?

Hi i want to use Energy Drinks in my game and in my thumbs/icon. I want to add energy drinks like Red Bull, Effect, Monster Energy, GFuel and much more. Can I use them or is that forbidden on Roblox?


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This article should help you.


k thanks. And if I change the name from Red Bull maybe to Red Bully?

Some other games did it it’s aloud. You aren’t profiting off of energy drinks? If your game is based off of them that’d be a problem. Using real world drinks/food is aloud

Ony if you have (written) permission of the company/person to use their work.

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wdym exactly? yes i want to make robux with that game and with the drinks

I personally don’t recommend using trademarks unless you contact the companies yourself and ask.

That’s false. Just because someone is doing it, it doesn’t mean that it’s allowed.


not saying if you wanna make robux off the game. if your making robux off of the drinks u could get tooken down

That is also false. No matter if you’re making money off of it or not, you’re still not allowed to use trademarks unless you have written permission from those companies.

and if i change the name e.g. to Red Bully?

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It is as long as you don’t make it too similar. It’s called making mock companies.

oh i thought if u didnt make money off of them it would be aloud

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I think that would be fine because you commonly see the roblox drink bloxycola

The “BloxyCola” is an invented drink and the word “cola” isn’t trademarked. If you named it something like “BloxyCoca-Cola” , it wouldn’t be allowed as “Coca-Cola” is a trademark of the Coca-Cola Corp.


Ya I guess I understand where you are coming from. That is a good point.

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I guarantee you that those companies will destroy you with DMCA, just use a made up company instead like Bloxy Cola or Witches’s Brew.

Hm. Aren’t those alcohol drinks? That’s not really allowed. At least Red Bull, I’m not sure.

None of those are alcoholic drinks?

Sorry I don’t drink I don’t really know that LOL :joy: