Can i use word "Doxed & Doxing" in dialog?

Hello… I wanted to ask if I can use the word “ Doxing ” in my game…
Why am I asking this?
Well… my game has a story. about how one guy was doxed and his documents were leaked to another company… and he asks his friend if he can steal his documents back… in my game there is a dialogue with him about it. Why his documents were leaked to another company…
My dialogue in my game goes something like this:
[“ One Guy ”] “Well… I was doxed … And my documents are leaked… do you think you can help me steal them back?”
[“ His friend ”] “ Doxed ? Isn’t that illegal ? Sure. i can get them back to you…”

I’m thinking about… if I can’t use word Doxed… I can just use word Hacked… you know… but still Doxed sound’s more interesting.

I’m sure you’ll be fine,
Roblox doesn’t really detect bad words in dialogs.
Also if it has nothing to do about other REAL players (people) than it’s fine.

Years ago i made a game and i was dumb, i added a swear word in a dialog but Roblox didn’t do anything about it so yeah i’m pretty sure you’ll be fine adding suspicious words in dialogs (even tho you don’t mean it suspicious)
you’ll be fine.

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Why wouldn’t you be able to say “doxed” it’s just a word

but if you worry too much you can use the word “leaked”.
Sounds better to me tbh.

Oo! I want to see the game soon!
You can use it, but dont use it with a extra X.

I’ve heard from a couple of developers that they had trouble when they used some words like discord… For me Doxing word seemed like a problem that can get me banned you know, anyway. Thanks for answering!

Thanks for answering! I was scared that i can get banned for it…

yeah… maybe i can used too. I don’t know. I will think about it. Thanks for feedback btw

Thanks. However the game isn’t releasing soon. Because im making map for that game… Story behind it all… also because i want to make a horror game… I need to think like about character design of killer… or something like that… Anyway thanks!