Can i weld a Region to a player?

I am asking this question because I might need to weld a region to a player to make a hitbox for a tool to do damage.

No. Region3’s are not instances. They are metaphysical objects. They have properties like position, size and so on, but are not actually physical parts. You will just have to keep redefining a new Region3 around the player.

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do you know what I could use to make a melee weapon damage?

raycast or magnitude works if you cant use region3

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i dont think magnitude would be good because you would be able to damage players behind you or behind walls.

there are a few modules that make this easy if your weapons are going to be moving parts


Can I use these modules for making melee weapons such as punches, leg kicks hitboxes?

ClientCast is 100% for something like this.

I do not know about the others


Alright, I will try them all and see which works the best :+1:.Thanks a lot!

My module is subject to be rewritten so expect the current version to not suit your expectations.