Can Mouse.Target ignore a part and detect the object behind?

I’m just wondering if there is a way you can use any Mouse Properties or any Ray cast technique to detect something behind an object where the mouse is.

Basically I have an invisible wall between the camera and the Object that I need to detect. I’m wondering what the best way forward would be to detect the object using the mouse. The object doesn’t need to include a click detector (Unless that’s a way of solving the problem).

The invisible wall does have a click detector in it incase that effects your solution.

Thanks for giving the time to help ~ [redacted]

Have you checked this? Lol

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Please don’t use the Mouse instance, @sjr04 provides a good alternative. PlayerMouse2 - an elegant, modern alternative to PlayerMouse

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Yeah Thanks, Idek how I just cannot find these things on my own

also is there anyway to remove the filters once placed?

Whats wrong with the Mouse Instance?

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Ah you’re fine, just be sure to look up on the API Reference from time to time

And yeah, depending on when you wanna disable just set the TargetFilter to nil I believe

Usually the Player:GetMouse() is more or less legacy based, which is why we have other alternates such as: UserInputService / Mouse Modules I believe

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Okay thanks, you’ve been a huge help

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