Can No Longer Parent Tools to Workspace Using LocalScripts Unless CanBeDropped

Hi, I have recently noticed this issue when parenting tools to Workspace using LocalScripts.

Whenever I try parenting a tool to Workspace with a LocalScript, the tool just ends up glitching and staying attached to the player’s Character.

This only happens when the tool is not CanBeDropped, but this didn’t use to happen and we used to be able to parent tools to Workspace with LocalScripts regardless of the property.

Also, this bug really only started occurring after the newly introduced RightGrip restrictions.

Reproduction with CanBeDropped set to false: Client Drop Tool Repro.rbxl (18.3 KB)

This bug has been had a significant negative effect on my game, as I can no longer move tools from player Characters to Workspace with LocalScripts.

I desperately hope that this bug gets fixed because it has been going on for weeks already and has left my game’s players irate.

Example code (tool ends up glitching and sticking to player’s arm):

local tool = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Backpack:FindFirstChildOfClass("Tool") -- the cause of the tool sticking isn't because I'm not waiting before switching parents.
tool.Parent = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character
tool.Parent = workspace
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Referencing the RightGrip Exploit Fix here for others:

So now tool.CanBeDropped needs to be set server-side. At first I was worried that it would
only work if CanBeDropped was set prior, but it turns out that once the server knows of a parent
to workspace at that point you can set CanBeDropped true and it will unencumber the tool.


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