Can player name graves be allowed in Roblox?

Hello developers!

2 weeks ago I started building a game with graves and I want to put the names of players on the graves there as well. Then I will put a form on Discord if they would like the grave and I want to ask if it is allowed to have a name on the grave and if I will get the ban. There will be no mourning music and “Amazing Grace” will play quietly in the church.

Thank you in advance for all the results.

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Yeah, I think so. For a halloween event, Royale High had an opening sequence when you logged on, it panned over gravestones with all the names of players in the server. If they did it, I’m sure you can too.


i mean, if you’re asking their permission and they give it to you, i would say that’s fine since they specifically said yes to you.

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Yes. I had them for my Halloween event once, no issues there.

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