Can players can exploited by hackers?

I was thinking of having a folder with values created in the server script service and parented to the player. But can these values inside the “Player” via game.Players.Player, be manipulated locally? Or is the player considered part of the server?

And if this wont work, where should I place these values that would be safe?

these values could be changed by the players client but would only be changed on the client they wouldn’t not change on the server if they where created by the server and are in the player if this is some type of data or stats/bonuses you may look at using Attributes and just do Player:SetAttribute(‘AName’, valuehere)
and Player:GetAttribute(‘AName’)

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I need to save and load these stats via data store though, but that’s good to know regarding the setattribute thing, that’s neat. Kinda like a temporary place holder during a session. Thanks

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