Can plugins access datastores?

So lets say I have a game, and I want to be able to access that games datastores with a plugin, meaning if someone uses this plugin in any game they have it uses the datastore from the game.

Is this possible? If not any work arounds?

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I’m 99% sure that they can access data stores. There are plugins for manipulating data stores so why it wouldn’t be possible?


Yes, however I believe you will need to enable Studio Access to api services in your game settings.
All you need to do is follow the images below:

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@FroDev1002 I just wanted to inform you I updated my post with some pictures!

Well I do know they can access them in general but I didnt know if they can get em from another game

Ok cool! So uh what code can I use that allows me to access it? And do I have to enable the API thing in both the game the user is using it in and the game with the datastores or just one of em?

Hey! You & the user will need to enable it per game you plan on using it in, you can probably detect wether you have access or not and assume that the reason you wouldn’t have access would be that setting. And to answer your other question I BELIEVE you access it just as you would for a server script. Here is an article with some more information on data stores.

As Nameless said … clearly they can.

Hmm from the article yes it uses game:GetService(‘DatastoreService’) but then that still doesnt answer how I get it from another game

Ohhh you can’t access data stores between 2 games, you can only access the active game.

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