Can reduce lagging by changing repeat script?

title is all.
Can I reduce lagging if I change my ‘repeat’ script to ‘for’ script?

That game:

if you on mobile, I wish you to come here and test how lag it has now pls

We can’t fix the script if you don’t post it here.

There are many ways you can reduce lag.

1: Using MicroProfiler | Roblox Creator Documentation. The MicroProfiler is an optimization tool available in Roblox Studio that helps developers improve performance by visually representing unoptimized portions of their experience.

2: ContentProvider | Roblox Creator Documentation. The service’s main use is to preload assets into a game.

Content of script is not crucial.
I asked just that
if I change script ‘repeat’ type to ‘for’ type with same content, I could reduce lagging

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You don’t need to use a repeat wait() until to wait for something to load in, when you can use a Preloader such as ContentProvider | Roblox Creator Documentation to load in assets for your game which will heavily reduce lag in-game.