Can RoSync hack your account?

Hi, So I added a model to my game and it had rosync loader. I have never seen this hack so I was worried if the model could hack my account. If not then what can it do? I deleted it from my game as soon as I saw that. Thank you if you answer!!!

If it gets to load successfully it could possibly do something. Not always hack but could for example delete your game etc.


So if I deleted it fast it is ok?

I don’t think it would delete the game. More likely it’ll copy it and send the source code to someone. Anyway, it can’t hack your account, only the game.


There is a 50/50 chance. You might look for tutorials or something. It could be safer this way.

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If you deleted the whole model then you should be ok.

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Have you run the game or anything with the model in your workspace.

No. I only added it by accident and then saw it had rosync

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Ok so it shouldn’t have affected your game.

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No, it can only destroy the game experience. It is 100% incapable of deleting it.

Nothing in Roblox studio can hack your account unless you give it either your password or your roblosecruity cookie.


This topic is full of misconceptions… No, the script cannot delete your game, nor can it send a copy of your game to someone. Scripts only run when in-game or play test. The only thing it can affect is client-sided objects in your game in play mode.

Also, getting rosync most likely means it added itself to every script in your game via a plugin. Go to find all/search all in the view tab, and search “Last Synced”

If it added itself to every script, you can run a command bar script to delete all of those lines easily.

Hope this clears up any confusion.

Somewhat false. Your right about how it wouldn’t delete the game. It cannot send a copy of your game to someone.

Completely false, a roblox studio script cannot delete your game directly without inserting inappropriate content that requires moderation attention. Which in that case, your game could get deleted. Also, using a backdoor in your game is not “Hacking.”

Scripts do not affect objects in edit mode. It will only affect a single server, there is no way it can save changes and publish the game.

What about those scripts that add inappropriate stuff in ur game? Then it would probably get banned

That is another story. I was focusing my point on a script being able to directly delete your game. (not related to roblox moderation) I’ll clarify that in my statement.


I mean it could in theory send a copy of the game to someone. If someone made an algorithm that literally serialized the entire roblox game, which is theoretically possible, and then uses HTTPService to send that serialized place info to some sort of webhook or something, it could be done. I dont know if anyone has deobfuscated RoSync’s source code, its totally possible that it’s doing that.

Any script in the place can’t just destroy your game unless you execute it while you’re in studio and publish it. If you don’t do that, it just runs each time the game runs. It also can’t access files on your computer like passwords or cookies.

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