Can someone be me feedback on my new game it's a tower defence simulator game. Need criticism

Hello, I have been working on a game for 4 months and there is still stuff I need to improve on. Can someone plz give me feedback on the maps and the GUI and game in general. The game is a tower defence simulator game. 🧟Zombie Defence🧟[Not working] - Roblox

There’s no link or pictures I think you forgot it lol.

Man send a picture too, this bothers me sometimes lol

Sorry this is my first question

It looks nice, I can understand the concept of it as it being a defense game, but I do have concerns:

  1. The GUIs are not very aligned and clean, maybe just have a single frame instead of the shadow on it, and I can see the shop frame or something at the top of the screen.

  2. Some of the guns, especially the M1 Garand, don’t load it meshes or maybe it doesn’t have one or broken.

Overall, the concept is great but could improve a lot of the GUI, building styles and free models were chosen in the game, but good work anyway! :happy2:

thank you for the advice, it was really helpful.

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I really like the gui and all! My tip is to make a better lobby! You used the same color and material in all parts for the base building itself. Make it more interactive or eye-catching! Also, the purple cave doesn’t match the low-poly mountains, I’d say fix that too.

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