Can someone check my crash log and tell me what happens

i got this crash problem for many month now, Roblox support does not help
So i got this crash log right here. If any of you guys can check it out and tell me what wrong with it i would be appreciate
0.603.1.6030565_20231125T042132Z_Player_6EB76_last.log (207.9 KB)

0.603.1.6030565_20231125T090322Z_Player_E640E_last.log (3.6 KB)

I try probably almost every single solution i can find on the internet
Nothing helps
Even when i factory restart that basically remove everything there is still problem


When does it crash exactly? When launching Roblox?


Nope, Crash usually happen at random time. Sometimes i can play for an hour before it crash
Or sometimes after a few minute


I think it can be caused by some old roblox launcher data (if you have uninstalling and installing back Roblox Launcher)


I dont think thats the case though. I already tried complete uninstall that also remove old roblox data, i even factory reset my computer and its still crashing


May be an issue with your computer then. Do you have the same issue when playing other games?


Not at all, problem only occur on Roblox

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Can you send a picture of this issue? What message appears

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Its the “An expected error occured and Roblox needs to quit. We’re sorry!”
you probably get the idea

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I have this error when i accidentally remove the ethernet cable and my internet dissapears. Maybe You have just bad internet?

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I have searched up for info and found some solutions for it:

1. Perform Basic Checks and Fixes

2. Monitor Resource Usage While Roblox Is Running

3. Clear the Roblox Cache on Windows and Your Browser

4. Remove Interfering Browser Extensions

5. Switch to Roblox’s Microsoft Store App (if you have a normal one)

6. Run Roblox in the Compatibility Mode

I hope it will help

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If the problem persists, you should try contacting Roblox support, to see if they can do something.

I contact support before. Nothing works after having a friendly conversation with every staff member. They said their engineer has been aware of the issue (hope they really did) shout out to Sam and Donald though

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You have the application or start it from the website?

I email roblox support if thats what you mean

No, I mean, you can either have the Microsoft application, or start it from