Can someone explain me ContextActionService:BindActivate()

i already read all forum about that but i still dont understand

In short, ContextActionService:BindActivate() just gives you another way of activating:

  • ClickDetector.MouseClick
  • Tool.Equipped (if Tool.ManualActivationOnly is false)
  • Tool.Activated (if Tool.ManualActivationOnly is false)

Basically it fires these 3 with the keys on the device you assigned.


-- Local script
game:GetService("ContextActionService"):BindActivate(Enum.UserInputType.Keyboard, Enum.KeyCode.E)
-- Click detector script 

This would make it so that when you press E while hovering on the part, it would still work.

Explorer layout:

you just copy past it i read it but i dont understand it

can someone help me pls i am very confused