Can someone explain "pasting animation script from roblox character"?

A lot of people say that if you want to determine if a npc is walking or not, simply "rip the animate script to the npc ". I already did that and it doesn’t seem to work. Did I do something wrong by deleting the lines that are about “setup emote chat book” thing? Thanks.

If you turned it into a local script, copy and paste the script and put it into a server script inside the npc.

I did put it in a server script, it doesn’t animate the npc.

ok ok, so if you wanna paste it into a rig like an NPC you select the script and ctrl+c to copy it them stop the game and ctrl+p to paste now you have the animate script but it wouldnt work on npc’s yet. so what you wanna do is open the script copy all the lines and paste them in a normal script and not a localscript and move all its children to the new script, bam you got yourself a working animate script

ignore the watermark i had to compress the video anyways this is how you do it you can edit the animation id’s to your liking

I know how to copy and paste and make it into a server script + all children. What i’m saying is after doing all those steps it still doesn’t animate the npc.

is there a “Animate” object in the humanoid already?

That wouldn’t animate the NPC, you’d need to load the animation and play the resulting animation track on the NPC’s humanoid.

im asking if there is already one

I’m responding to how the thread’s poster expected the NPC to be animated just by copying the default “Animate” script into its model.