Can someone explain to me what this is?

Hello fellow Developers,
I am trying to make a Interview center, however, every time I set the Avatar Option to “R6”, my avatar is going weird. My hands on my character is going together, as well as every time I move, my head stick up. Also, my character also goes through the ground. This only happens when I have R6 enabled as the only avatar option. With R15, it works normally.

Here’s a screenshot:

Any help is very much appreciated!

Are you using a custom avatar loader or character startup script? If so, that may be the cause of the strange behavior. If not, then it might just be a studio thing. Does it happen in Roblox Player as well?

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No I don’t use any custom scripts, but I can look for it. Also, yes, this does happen in the RobloxPlayer too.

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I had a similar problem a few days ago where my character was being spawned with incorrect proportions. It got fixed on its own when I created a new project and pasted the code there.