Can someone help explain string manipulation in depth?

I’m struggling to fully understand them, even after reading the Developer Hub content on it.
It would be helpful if I could have some more in-depth help on it(the more complex stuff with patterns, string.byte and gsub and gmatch, et cetera)

If you’re asking for help on scripting and not discussing the art of creating things on Roblox, it should be in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support. I recommend reading the pinned topics in a category before posting.

Okay I moved it over

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I think what you’re asking help with is regex? There are a few youtube videos explaining how it works. Not Roblox Lua, but basic Lua without much difference

You got the whole lua string library right here.
and yes you also got youtube videos explaining the module.
Random vid took off internet

I am self taught so I would just end up reading the documentation or stackoverflow or maybe even testing out myself and keep trying until I succeed learning how it works.

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Lua doesn’t have Regex, it has a completely different pattern matching tool. You also linked a Portuguese video, so unless Danny happens to speak Portuguese, I’m not sure how helpful that is.


I recommend going to the Roblox API, looking and reading about string functions and then testing them and trying to do something with them in your studio