Can someone look at the code of DataStore+?

Hello! I wanna do a rewrite of some stuff in DataStore+, and I just wanna make sure I know what I could be doing, and where I could be improving, optimizing.

The code is a bit long okay? There are sub-modules to it, mainly I would like a look-over the “OrderedBackups” sub-module, which is inside the Methods sub-module which is inside the main module, you can look at the code on this post DataStore+ which is a GitHub. You can also download a release and put it in studio.

I need some help to improve it :) I would be grateful if someone were to review it even though it’s kind of big :P

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You aren’t allowed to ask people to fully-review your code, only some parts which you think aren’t good enough/need to be reviewed.

Well it does say “your whole game” but also primarily I just need help with this:

The rest of the code is good;