Can someone tell me if the handling of the cars of my game is good? Thanks

Just hop in for like 2 minutes and tell me how the cars handle.

Thanks. I really need help.

Overall, not good at all.

As soon as the race started, my car flipped itself, and although it did correct itself by placing me backwards on the track, the CPU players immediately left me in the dust. The car I had also handled awfully. At slow speeds it was alright, but once I was going maximum speed, merely touching the ‘D’ key forced the car to turn 60 degrees right, and I promptly bugged out in the water, fell through the map, and died.

thank you. I will see about all that soon. I think now that I know more about client server processing I’ll make the server focus on replication and do all the hard stuff on the client.

Hopefully this will improve the handling of the cars.

The untracked memory is at like 500 MB for some reason and the game runs so inefficiently jhahgfyegtqffweqw

I’ve just tested and it worked alright for me! Probably improve the steering some more:

Ive Played Ur Game a Few Times The Sterring Can be a Little Clunky at Times But is Overall Good!