Can someone tell me why my gfx is so pixelated?

Hello, i’v been working on this gfx and used hdri (4k) on blender? But its still super pixelated, but when i use no roblox background the render was much better. How can I fix this?


It’s just noise. You can denoise it manually or if you’re using blender turn on denoising on the render tab.


I didn’t even notice anything until I clicked on the image to zoom in. I personally don’t think it’s “so pixelated” but you might be able to tone it down a little if you remove some noise; Pixlr is a great and free tool that you could use to do this, you can find the setting after you open your image in the top left, Filter > Details > Remove Noise. Hopefully this helps.

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Ah if you mean the noise the best way to remove it is within blender. In version 2.93 and above you can simply enable OpenImageDenoise in the denoising tab under render.
Re-render and your image will be clean and noiseless!