Can someone tell me why this is happening when using a viewportframe?

Hello. I am using a Viewportframe to simulate a pixelated graphic. The problem is that the roblox textures keep glitching when I use that. Does someone know a fix? Here an example:

to me, it looks like there are multiple parts with the material “Brick” and roblox cant figure out which one to render (Known as z-clipping) might be worth to check that there are no overlapping parts.

I already checked. There are no duplicated parts.

I think I know the issue. The parts in the workspace are added and removed from the Viewportframe every frame. Maybe that could be the issue?

Yes, that’s probably it. maybe try add all parts in at the start then add a “Descendent added” function so it only puts new parts in when they are added.

Yea I can try that. If that doesnt work then I’ll just use custom textures.

custom textures is probably the better option as viewport frames can be quite limited as you can’t have effects (smoke, particle emitters, fire, beams, trails etc) in them.

Ok I’ll use custom textures then. Thank you for your time!

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