Can something listen for a bindable event on PlayerAdded?

Feel free to ask any questions, my bad if the title doesnt make sense.

edit: Never mind i found out deleting local scripts client sided wouldnt replicate to the server which ruins the entire purpose of this.

Do you mean are you able to bind a new callback to a bindable each time a player joins? If I understood correctly, you can:

local someBindable ="BindableEvent")

--//stuff in here

yea and that isnt working for some reason…

Why do you need it to listen for a BindableEvent?

PlayerAdded is already an event in itself and you can make stuff happen within its connected function. Unless you’re firing the BindableEvent every few seconds, I don’t see a use case for listening for the BindableEvent within the PlayerAdded event.

because i am firing a Bindable event every 3 seconds

Gotcha. What is the purpose for the BindableEvent and what arguments are you sending through?

It’s working for me just fine. What code were you using?

It’s to check if a anti cheat script is still there. if it isnt then the player would get kicked.