Can sounds play inside studio (Virus!?)

I was in studio with 2 of my developer freinds, and then one of my freinds inserted a model as a JOKE. It started playing weird sounds, and then we deleted the model, I searched for scripts and sounds, I found a script, and when I opened, all I saw was a comment. It played the sound inside of studio, is that even possible!? If so, I’m super scared for my game, is there a way I can see if it has viruses and remove them. The free model is gone, too my knowledge. is it possible to have a script that runs inside of studio?


Not sure. Does the sound happen to be someone saying “FRESH MEAT” ?

No, it was a creepy sound though, it was designed to scare people.

It’s possible it was using some text trickery to hide the actual script. Copy paste the script into notepad and you might find something.

I’m not sure then. Someone on reddit posted they had the same thing but it was saying “Fresh Meat”
Do you recognize the sound from a game or something?

Oh I just straight up deleted it

I think, the OP didn’t play it, but I’ve heard that audio in roblox gear, so that’s what I was guessing it sounded like.

Dude, you’re cursed now.
That’s the obvious conclusion.

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Okay this is getting creepy now. There is TWO post about hearing the words fresh meat in studios.
One Two
Edit: Someone had a good idea, and they said to revert to an old save. Also, does it play when not in studio?

You need to be careful importing free models, since they can contain viruses made to ruin your games, and give access to exploiters, and so on. Usually, these scripts require() something. You could go into explorer and search for “script” And delete the scripts you are not using.

I did that. I deleted everything that I haven’t scripted. (I’m the only script don’t worry lol)

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ye some of the models contains sound that ‘PlayOnRemove’ is on /true

and does work in studio when you delete the parent of it or the sound

Its something weird that happens, audios get inserted into models, you delete the model and it plays the sound. it happens especially on innapropiate models. I dunno if its a bug, its an exploit but im glad im not the only one with this. im pretty sure theres a play on delete feature though so just toggle it off idrk.

it can be any audio, some are FRESH MEAT, other are the among us songs,berries and cream, in reality it can be anything

I think only plugins can do this. Try scanning your game with an antivirus plugin (a trusted one of course). And also go through every item yourself checking for any weird scripts.
Do you know what the free model was?

It’s not a virus. Someone inserted a part or model with a sound in it, enabled “PlayOnRemove” in the sound properties, and removed it.

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