Can Strategy Games succeed?

I am spending lots of time and effort in creating a WW2 game.
Here is how it works.
Basically, you get to command a fleet of warships, and you have to get 100 points to win the game.
You get points by sinking enemy ships and shooting down aircraft.
However, you don’t actually control ships and planes.
Instead, they are controlled with A.I and you command the carriers to launch planes, and change targets for battleship turrets.
Can this game succeed?


Only multiplayer works right now.

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AI doing the work would be chaotic, interesting if you ask, since most of the time the player controls their own units, of course, imagine having 20 players in a single game, and when you create some warship, they imediately search for a fight, AI attacking randomly would be even more chaos, idk wth ur planning but sounds good

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A.I is reasonable.
Games are 1v1 2v2 or singleplayer.
Warships attack targets but turrets attack random in range but you can select the targets.
You can command aircraft missions, amount, payload, and in general you have significant control.