Can the client edit and access their player and other players?

Can the client break their screen guis and others so that they can’t play anymore?

Using exploitation tools, it is possible for players to play with the UI along with other things. This is only for their client, it’s not possible to access any other client (at least typically).

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They cannot, what the client can access is only theirs.


can they control their player? And if they delete something from their screen gui then will it replicate to the server?

No, deleting or modifying something from their own client typically will not replicate to the server.
They also cannot control other players.

I am creating a team pick gui which the player can only access once when they just joined the game. If they re-enable and make the gui visible can they technically change teams again?

Yes, if you don’t do any server verification.

How do you do server verification? Also what is that

On the server, wherever you change the team, you’ll want to add a check to make sure the player doesn’t try to change the team more than once.

Can I just fix that by destroying the Gui?

No. They can fire the events, or whatever you have to change their team.

I am using a normal script to change the teams of the player. I also thought localscripts can only change stuff locally except their character.

If you have a gui, you’re going to have to have a localscript somewhere to detect when the team buttons are pressed.

So the local script should fire a remote and if the players name is not in the table the remote will check the players name and store it in the table?

Yes. If the player is not listed you can change their team and add them to the table.