Can this game be successful?

I recently found an old project that included a line runner mini-game, which was part of a larger game. I’m considering taking the line runner and developing it into a standalone game. My plan is to add multiple levels with unique map designs and include an infinite mode for continuous play. Do you think this idea could be successful?

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sounds exactly like temple run, if it’s competitive (which it should), and has minigames, then maybe yes

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no way to find out until you do it right?


Looks cool, but if you want to know if it can be successful… no.

There’s nothing unique enough, or should I say nothing so special that I have to sacrifice my time that I (or other players) could have spent playing other games.

Just a few unique maps and an infinite mode I don’t think will work, as it would just feel the same after 3-5 minutes, unless, there’s some randomness that changes the mechanic entirely for a while throughout the round, something that actually encourage the players to master the game, and game juice + responsiveness.

But who knows, your game might be a big hit without anything that I mentioned. What matters is that you actually believe in what you’re making, and try making the game the best it can be.

Oh, and also, build a community and actually listen to feedback and suggestions, it’ll help you a lot.

In the end,


Yes, this game can DEFINITELY become successful on Roblox. You just need to add better music, add better lighting, make better and more attractive (colorful and detailed) GUI, and have a good name, icon, thumbnail, and description.

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Some people don’t care to download Subway Surfers only to play it once, so yes. I would play this.

there was already a game like this on roblox:

the game died a few months ago, but maybe you can learn from its mistakes