Can too many items in ServerStorage cause lag?

Recently, I was checking some old scripts in my games and I found a forgotten script that would create a new folder in ServerStorage everytime a player joined, but would not delete the folder of any previous players that had since left.

All the items in the folders located in ServerStorage did not contain script, but rather only contained bricks and other physical models.

Would this be a source of lag, that once I fix, could significantly speed up game performance?


Short answer, no. Objects being stored on the server shouldn’t cause any problems. That’s because it’s the server storing them, not the individual client


No, items in ServerStorage can not lag people at all unless they’re moved to the Workspace.
How ServerStorage works is it holds items so exploiters can’t access them and hides them from the workspace as if its there, it’s suppose to be hidden. Same goes for ServerScriptService to a certain degree. I figured someone else will give you more intel on this so i’ll leave it at that. Have a good night!


What would the long answer be?
I was thinking that this could be a source of lag since theoretically, depending on the age of the server, there could be hundreds, not thousands of copies of each of these inactive folders existing at a time, some of them even being repeats.

Still shouldn’t be a problem. You should look into keeping it clean though. No point having repeat folders being created, etc.


Fair. What are some actual things that would cause lag, but is pretty avoidable?

As @MillerrIAm stated, if you decide to parent an item from ServerStorage to workspace could cause lag, basically anything you want the client to see eventually see should be kept in RepStorage. And just over all tidyness throughout your game. If things aren’t being ‘used’ in workspace, can usually remove them. Don’t have duplicates of things that don’t need to be duplicated, etc.