Can translating your game into other languages help build an audience for your game?

Yes, most roblox players are looking for games that are translated correctly into other languages!

Because most players cannot know English or prefer to play them translated!

A Good Example: Adopt me! where your thumbnails, products and description are translated weekly!

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Yeah, it is absolutely useful! and by the way why you asking?

you want to make a script for detect what linguage the player is using and after write it correctly?

or wanna automatic translation that is bad

Yeah, if it’s human-translated, since auto-translations can make really weird stuff.
for example, in some language “spawn” got translated to “hand the eggs”

spawn in portuguese mean spawn :skull:

Spawn in italian means birth :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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As someone who is a Brazilian, this is wrong. The actual translate is “gerar”. If we use for “SpawnPoint”, the translation would be “Ponto Gerador”.

whattt gerar, that mean is different to meee??? oh no

As Roblox contains an immersive community built with players across the globe, it goes without saying that there are tons of international players. If we look at the list of countries that had the most engagement over the years, we can see that it is made of not only the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and so much more you do not expect! :exploding_head:


Upon the results, it is pretty good to invest in projects created by you/your team in translations that, once in the gameplay, users can feel accessible and able to understand what the function of your game is to do.

Using automatic translation for both the game description and the user interface can be a bit broken, but for beginners, it is essentially good in a temporary situation. In the future, you can hire translators to help you. :wink:

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