Can users who have a DevForum account but are not any form of member DM other members?

I’m thinking it’d be good to revive community-made content for games (e.g. maps) however I don’t want to have to deal with Roblox’s annoying filtering and the limited media we have access to (e.g. need to use free models to share files).

This site’s DMs could at least get rid of the former issue. However I’m not sure if it’s possible to get that interaction with users who haven’t heard of the forums.

Either way I’d probably still use this, but I’d like to make it as easy as possible for “normal” users to submit (so I can find hidden gems :slight_smile:)

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This would probably result in users trying to add to posts that they shouldn’t be. For example if I post a thread in #development-support and some non-member wants to answer me, they can’t, so they’ll send me a message regarding the post and give me solutions; this should not happen because the ability to reply to these posts is for members of the forums only.

In concept it’d be nice, but a lot of people would abuse it; after people figure out what’s going on they’ll start sending spam like they do on the main site’s messaging system. Plus, the fact that messages on this site are more exclusive actually gives me the chance to read and reply to them; assuming that is also the case with more popular people. Gives a good place for a mature conversation.


(in ref to basic users but it still applies)

True but this isn’t about topics - it’s just so they can send me their submissions.

I get what you mean about the rest of the stuff though.

Imagine what would happen if the kids asking for free [insert item enticing a 3 year old here]s figured out that they could message their favorite dev on Roblox without the filter getting in their way.

After that, imagine what would happen 15 minutes after said kids send their dm on DevForum, lost their patience, and explode the poor dev’s DMs with every bad word their friend who always gets in trouble at school taught them, all while said dev is offline, because the kids never checked where the dev lived.

My point is, 13+ accounts only or nothing.

No, they can’t. Meaning there’s NO way for a non member to submit bugs (even to Top Contributors).


Why not let the DevForum members decide on who to get the DMs from, just like in the Roblox website? You could set it to Member, New Member or Visitor. That way, members who don’t support this idea can simply avoid it while the ones who do can get the DMs from their fans!

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I was told by @EchoReaper that it’s impossible to achieve this with the current Discourse permission system. He inquired about it when I messaged him over Discord with a bug report before I gained access to the forum. This would be undesired behaviour on most forums so I can’t see discourse implementing a feature to support this, it has few use cases.

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Ok then.

I wish there was another good way I could have map submissions - but I guess having it DevForum only isn’t too bad since it weeds out most of the bad submissions.

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This isnt entirely true, If the top creator DMs you then it works.

Yes, forgot to mention this. Non-members can respond to messages, just not create them.

New? Pretty sure he’s talking about non.

My mistake, edited my last reply.