Can we have an official thread on when roblox will be/is down?

It would be great to know when maintenance is going to occur, or if it is happening, someone could just write something saying that it is ongoing.

It doesn’t even have to be official, I was thinking of doing a general thread on when roblox is in maintenance or is slow, but I dont know if it will be looked at.


It would be cool to have something like this:



That’d be awesome

Well, generally when there is maintenance going on, they throw up the banner warning everyone on the site.

And I mean, when it’s down, you get the good ol’ roblox login.

But it would be nice if we got a more elaborated description as to what maintenance they’re doing, and provide live updates, like what discord do

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Yeah, that’d be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wasn’t on the devforums at that time to see this, this is a great idea

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This is one of the bandwagon feature requests. It can be legitimately useful for popular games on ROBLOX in the event some sort of manual intervention is needed on their part e.g. “Saves are broken – do not play for now.”, but it’s being requested for the wrong reason: “I’m curious”.

“I’m curious” is not a good use case – it tells you what you already know (site taking minutes to load a page or a giant maintenance banner is pretty obvious), and doesn’t solve the issue any faster. The only motive behind this reason is “I can’t do anything about the site being down, but want some sort of hope to make myself feel better” Resources won’t be put into implementing this change for the sake of curiosity. Anyone who wants this feature should tailor their responses to how this could be useful for business-case reasons of popular games.


That’s what I wanted it for, sorry for not sounding like I was mainly curious rather than wanting this feature.