Can we make mindless rants against the rules

Literally every few hours some sort of rant regarding how “low-effort” games with free models are more popular than games without them, or just talking about free models in general. They add nothing new that previous topics don’t, and it’s honestly getting out of hand.

So can we just make mindless rants that don’t provide anything for Roblox staff against the rules?


I guess we can since it’s kinda considered spam but that’s what I think about it.

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I hate it that people post for the sake of getting likes, even when it is in discussion and they won’t get a badge.

“Hey, seems like ___ is a popular topic, might as well post it again :slightly_smiling_face:


This is last message im sharing about this: Free Models are made to be used in games, if owners don’t want them to be used, they shouldn’t have uploaded them. Use them or don’t use them, its up to the creator, don’t hate someone for using free models, don’t be mad you made them yourself or you paid someone to make them, you choose what you do. Everyone have an awesome day.
Stop those discusisons.


This is exactly what I was wanting to talk about, users posting just for the sake of posting about the popularity of a “low-quality” game or overuse of free models for those likes.


I one-thousand percent agree with this, there is no reason for people to look down on creators who use free-models, they’re on ROBLOX for a reason and just because a game includes free models doesn’t mean that the creator didn’t put effort into it.

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Why is that even asked? Since there are already topics about this, you can flag them as duplicate threads.

Because it means im going to have to start submitting more flags

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As I said, that actually is a rule already. If you are bored to flag them, don’t do it.

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I always flag those. Rants are never constructive anyway.

Alright I probably should have been more clear, so let me clarify.

Can rants that provide nothing for Roblox staff to work with be against the rules? Because nothing about rants seems to be mentioned here, tried ctrl + f but nothing.

I will update the title to reflect this more clearly.

If you can find the first thread discussing free models that encompasses the other discussions, feel free to flag any new conversations on free models with a redirect to that thread. I think a few of these discussions can be moved over to the Lounge, which I’ll consider doing if I come across any. This typically goes for any rant as well unless it’s well-founded, contributive, thought-provoking and follows the expectations of the category which is to hold discussions on development.

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A lot of the free model rant/conversation posts in #development-discussion are already solved or have a ton of responses so far. Would that not make flagging them a bit pointless?

Threads having solutions or replies don’t make them protected against flagging or edits. DevEngagement will still (or should) remove threads if they don’t belong or merge the replies over to another thread that’s more fitting. The same goes with category moves, at least if they come from me: whether or not they have many posts or a solution, if they don’t belong, I recategorise them to where they better fit.


I got my rant post removed and my account warned, so I don’t think you can just go and make a rant post.
According to a DET member,

So rants are against the rules, and I am not sure how rants still stay up.

Or the ones saying “DoNt mAkE a SiMuLaToR”

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@colbert2677 Good to know. I’ve been under the impression that flagging should be done sparingly since it feels very much like an aggressive action – getting forum moderation involved about something that’s essentially doing no harm. This is useful advice for those coming across repetitive rants regardless of post count.

@cjjdawg Yes, the “anti-simulator” rants are also very annoying. We get it, you don’t like simulators. We get it, you think it’s cheap. Move on… :confused:

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Maybe people want to add to the previous discussion but are afraid to bump it, maybe if bumping in that category was allowed it would stop

Bumping is allowed anywhere if you add significantly new information that isn’t already present.

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Oh, one time when I bumped a post with some really good info, I think I got warned, so maybe we should tell people that to add to an existing post instead, since people may not know that