Can we make posts regarding Roblox Education in #platform-feedback:developer-hub? Or can we get a new category for that?

So apparently is a thing now, meant for teachers. But like everything else there can be flaws with it, so I am just wondering if I can just use #platform-feedback:developer-hub to request new content or fixes, or if a new category can be made for Roblox Education.

Or if I should just not worry about it and leave it alone.

I don’t get why there should be category if there’s a site for it? it’s just more work but I get what you mean

I don’t understand what you are saying? I am asking if I can post about Roblox Education, a different site from the Developer Hub. It looks similar to it so I asked if we can just post in the category meant for the latter (#platform-feedback:developer-hub) , or if we can get a separate category for it, or if we are not meant to suggest anything for Education so I can just drop the idea.

what I mean is that there’s nothing to suggest about it, unless there would be a correlation between the forums and Roblox education - if there was, they’d already add it

Ah I understand. That is actually a pretty good point but there is always the chance that it was just an oversight, so I wanted to make sure 100%

This category is for:

You can use this category for anything related to the Developer Hub, including (but not limited to):

* Reporting missing API documentation.
* Requesting new tutorials, articles, recipes or code samples.
* Requesting clarifications, reviews, and updates for existing documentation.
* Requesting fixes for typos, formatting issues, and other minor changes – post these in [the pinned megathread ](

For more info about this category, check About the Documentation Issues category

just worth noting that education and devhub are ran by two different teams; adding complexity the issue.

I’m not sure it’s developers’ jobs to report issues with something that is intended to be between Roblox and teachers.

As I’m neither of those two parties, I don’t know if they have a teachers forum or some form of contact with Roblox for teachers and educational institutions to use, but I highly doubt the Developer Forum is the place for it.

The resource intended for us is the Developer Hub, not Roblox Education.

Similarly I wouldn’t expect to use the DevForum to report issues with the corporate website either. I would email the team.