Can we please disable plane lock when adding terrain?

If I want to cover this baseplate with terrain, I have to angle my camera straight down, start dragging then angle back up, which is ridiculous. Plane lock also makes it impossible to create terrain around pre-existing parts.

Why would this even be forced on in the first place?


pretty annoying, I agree


Totally support this, its so fustrating


Because terrain would just accumulate really quickly until it hit your camera. derp.

Plane lock needs to exist in some form for the add tool. Maybe that toggle could do something more useful?
Would be cool if it could toggle between the current 45-deg snap and the plane formed by the mouse target&target surface normal.


One solution would be to whitelist any terrain add on that mouse click (i.e. you can only drag the cursor across pre-existing terrain or parts)

I’d like to be able to use the camera’s look vector as a plane.


calling @Stickmasterluke

Not sure how that would work. You can either exclude all the terrain from raycasts or none of it.

I know it’s not a real solution and by no means a replacement to having your requested feature implemented, but I’m fairly certain that all of the terrain plugins are open source and you can update them yourself, and prevent this lock. I imagine it’s not even complicated to do so.

Here is the location of where plane lock is forced for the add tool in the studio tools GitHub repository.

I thought of this, too, as the first solution. It would be a monster to code, though. It would be easier if you could have two Terrain instances which hold different data – one could hold the recently added terrain and be filtered from the mouse. Since you cannot, one would have to settle for displaying terrain changes using parts; then writing the change when all is complete. This isn’t a great solution, but it might work.

In your particular case, it seems the best solution would be to just convert the baseplate to terrain. A feature like that would have many uses, too.

I’m not sure what you’re getting at. That’s the Blender equivalent of the grow tool; this thread is about the add tool.

i believe this is what he meant

Hey, so I’m trying to disable plane lock because the feature hasn’t been made toggleable yet. The forcePlaneLock variable in that github doesn’t exist anymore in the rewritten terrain tools found in BuiltInPlugins. And when I try to edit the code, I keep getting met with many errors such as:

The current identity (5) cannot DefineFastFlag (lacking permission 5)
The current identity (5) cannot GetFastFlag (lacking permission 3)
The current identity (5) cannot DefineFastString (lacking permission 5)
Requested module experienced an error while loading
Packages.UILibrary.Studio.StudioStyle:14: bad argument #2 (string expected, got EnumItem)
The current identity (5) cannot TerrainProgressUpdate (lacking permission 5)
et cetera et cetera. (There are hundreds of these messages because these features don’t work as a plugin - they only work in the built-in unchangeable BuiltInPlugins version.)

So I was wondering if you could make the plane lock toggleable on roblox’s end. With plane lock being forced on as it currently is, I can’t just dig out a road following the red line. The erode tool takes way, way, way too long, and ends up sloppy anyway.

I’m trying to fix it myself but it’s not going well.