Can we use free models freely?

Hello i am making my first game but i need some free models if i use them they can copyright my game or something? (sorry for english)


No, because they publish them to the public at their own risk for others to use. Besides, you can’t copyright someone for using their model, even if the model is stolen.

Yeh you can(I mean you will not be copyrighted for using them), they are called free model’s for a reason. The only other things is how you fell on using those free model’s.

There’s no issue using them, although I don’t recommend using them since some of them may contain viruses or other things that can damage your game.

No, they can’t get your game copyrighted or taken down for using their model. They upload it publicly. However, say if your model is stolen from another game, The creator of said game might be able to take your game down and the model as well. but I don’t know. please correct me if anyone knows if they can.
Also, What @KwadarthVlogs said. Some Free models have viruses in them. they are often named “Anti Virus” “vaccine”, “Spread” and are oddly placed inside a fire particle.


Yes free models are public domain, as they are there to be used in games/projects ect, however using models should mostly be used as a placeholder for certain areas in your project. You could always learn to replicate it into your own version that way you will build up your skills.

Just a note; you possibly don’t want to use too many free models try to learn how to make the majority of assets on your own. This is already a relevant topic that’s been discussed already: