Can you actually put a texture on Separated model?

Recently i was about to import this Gun to my game
it’s from Halo CE and it’s separated completely

here’s where I’m stuck with

tho it’s not painted with texture yet because i don’t wanna mess with texture and model

i just need the texture to go for all of seperated part with single texture image so i can import it to Roblox studio
any help??

(forgot the texture image because I’m not on PC)


You would need to UV-map the mesh if you’d like to place a texture image

Heres a tutorials i recommend for understanding UV-mapping

heres a tutorial for texture painting

I made a video on how to create a single mesh with multiple materials and how to import into roblox studio

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you can also follow this video even if you have multiple meshes. The point of this video is to show you how to put multiple textures into a single texture ID.

currently I’m using 2.8 version
i don’t know if it’s gonna work

try it and see, i am sure it may work