Can you add cannabalism to a survival game?

I’m making a survival game, and essentially, there are multiple types of meat. One meat would be Raw and Cooked human flesh. When a player dies, they would drop one of these items. You’d then have the ability to cook and eat this item.

I don’t see anything in the Roblox Guidelines so I’m assuming it’s allowed as long as it doesn’t include excessive gore. What are your thoughts?

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Cannibalism is not permitted on the platform.

Regardless of the level of violence or gore you implement, Roblox have been known to moderate games which only mildly reference the concept. It’s not suitable or friendly for younger players.

Instead of eating human flesh, can’t people just drop ‘normal’ items, such as canned food?


Yeah no. You can’t. Roblox is already very strict on blood and gore. My usual rule of thumb is if you have to ask then it’s usually no.


I guess you could use animal meat instead of human flesh if that’s allowed. Just don’t have too much gore.

I know many games that have this feauture, but the meat is not named “human meat”, They just drop “meat”. Aslong as you dont refer to the meat type as being human I guess it is allowed

Yeah understandable, but I’m not sure I’ll even add canned food. This game has a rust style of survival added into it where there isn’t modern tech to can food

Rule of thumb: If you have to ask, the answer is no.

The closest thing you could add is zombies, but no cannibalism is not permitted.

I had to ask once, the answer was an astounding yes.

I agree with stormgamesyt7ip, in the game booga booga, if you kill someone, they drop just “Meat” so as long as you dont specify which type, you are in the clear.

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